Everything starts here, in Puglia, on the lands of Murgia. Hard, impenetrable but capable of great suggestions.
It is 1986 when Carlo Conte puts all his know-how, his boldness, his technical knowledge, into four soft corners and transforms them into the largest industrial group in the processing of raw materials destined for comfort and rest.

Thus begins the entrepreneurial dream of the Conte group.
As the company grows, two brands are born, GoldenNight and Conte Bed, synonymous with comfort and quality on an international level and leader, in the production of mattresses and beds of the highest quality with over 40,000 square meters of production area, capable of realize up to 600 mattresses a day, more than 70 employees and 2 showrooms of over 1,000 square meters.
The years pass and his son, Ferdinando, begins to walk next to Signor Conte. Father and son are synonymous with craftsmanship and innovation.
Together, they bring the Made in Italy of their brands to become a guarantee of the highest manufacturing quality. Both are passionate and tireless, because being a leader does not just mean knowing how to drive, it also means above all being able to encourage the attitudes of the individual because it becomes part of a larger, shared project, heard since the Conte group before a company is a family.

Telling GoldenNight means telling the entrepreneurial adventure of an Italian family with a passion for things well done. A healthy and genuine passion, made up of the desire to emerge and the desire to show the world unique artisan qualities.
Everything started in 1985, in Altamura in the heart of Puglia, where Carlo Conte founded Tecnoimbottiti. A company created for the production of expanded polyurethanes and raw materials for the upholstery sector (polyester, polystyrene, feathered goose feathers, etc.) which emerged on the market in just a few years. In addition to being the main supplier of leading Italian companies in the production of sofas, beds and mattresses, over time it manages to increase its clientele by creating specific products for the nautical and contract world. Both technical and managerial skills and a careful selection of specialized production personnel mean that Tecnoimbottiti stands out with a transversal and excellent quality level, accompanied by an extreme productive efficiency able to fully satisfy the demands of different industrial sectors , increasingly oriented towards “just in time”.
A thirty-year adventure in continuous evolution thanks to the son of Carlo Conte, Ferdinando who in 2012 created the GoldenNight brand, now present in more than 30 countries in the world.